Hidden Hills Tea

The Journey from Leaf to Cup: Exploring the Art and Craftsmanship behind Hidden Hills Tea

The transformative journey of tea, from a simple leaf to a soothing cup, is a remarkable tale of art, tradition, and craftsmanship. At Hidden Hills Tea, we are dedicated to sharing this captivating story, helping you appreciate every sip of our quality teas.

The Harvesting Stage

The process begins with the meticulous harvesting of tea leaves. Our trained pluckers hand-pick only the finest two leaves and a bud, ensuring minimal post-harvest damage. This careful selection is the foundation of our high-quality Hidden Hills Tea.

The Withering Process

Once harvested, the leaves are spread out to wither naturally. This process reduces the moisture content, making the leaves pliable for the next stage. Our artisans ensure the withered leaves retain their unique characteristics, critical for the final flavor profile.

Rolling to Release Flavors

With meticulous care, the withered leaves are then hand-rolled. This essential step helps in releasing the enzymes that contribute to the tea’s flavor, color, and aroma. Each leaf is carefully handled to preserve its integrity, promising a rewarding brew.

The Oxidation and Firing Process

After rolling, the leaves are left to oxidize, a process that determines the tea’s final color and strength. Once the desired color and flavor are achieved, the leaves are fired at low temperatures. This careful firing locks in the aroma and taste, making every sip a delightful experience.

Packing for Freshness

Lastly, after cooling, the tea is immediately packed in air-tight containers. This step is crucial to preserving the freshness, aroma, and flavor of the tea, ensuring that every cup of Hidden Hills Tea you brew is as invigorating as it is meant to be.

At Hidden Hills Tea, we value the journey as much as the destination. Our promise is to deliver not just a cup of tea but a taste of its beautiful journey – from the leaf, straight to your cup.

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