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About Us

Story Of Unique Pure Ceylon Single Estate Hand Made Tea

Ceylon Tea is a natural beverage from Island of Sri Lanka famous around the world for its unique flavor and leaf style.

Tea was introduced to Ceylon in 1867 by James Tylor. Tea plantations started from central hills and spread to high, mid and low elevations giving it a distinctive flavor profile in each elevation.

Nested in the ancient kingdom of Seethawaka Hidden Hills Estate is Located in
Puwakpitiya, Thummodra village 50 kms from Colombo and hour and a half travel time.

The elevation is 800ft – 1400 ft above sea level overlooking the lush green Seetawaka mountain range Estate borders natural forest, home to many species of wild life, flora and fauna with an abundance of natural spring water. Located in close proximity is Seetawaka Botanical garden homing many endemic bird species

Chula De Alwis

Managing Director

Tea factory is ideally located to produce best quality Hand Made Ceylon Leafy tea with special taste and aroma. Well-trained tea pluckers pick the best part of the tender green leaf high in Antioxidants & Polyphenols for making of a Ceylon tea loaded with many health benefits.

Our Green leaf standard is only tender 2 leaves and a bud, collected for natural withering within 1 hour of picking. Withered tea leaves are hand rolled to obtain the twist which bring about mixing of desired natural compounds. Rolled leaf is fermented/cooled under natural conditions and dried at lowest possible temperatures to retain natural compounds & flavanols.

Experienced Tea master uses his extensive tea manufacturing knowledge with best techniques and careful processing methods to bring about a unique single estate handmade unblended pure Ceylon Tea. Taste of green Tea is sweet & fruity , black Tea pungent & bright Character , golden tea a mellow floral taste to be enjoyed thought the day.

Processed tea is packed on the same day to retain freshness. No sugar or milk is required to drink our handmade Green ,Black & Golden Tea. Tea in this pack could be regarded as truly the best of Ceylon Tea.

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