From fresh leaf plucking to careful drying and packaging, each step ensures exquisite, high-quality tea.

Feel The Taste Of The Best Tea Making Just In Our Tea House

Our well-trained tea Pluckers pick the best part if the tender green leaf high in Antioxidants & polyphenols for best taste of Ceylon tea loaded with many health benefits.Our Leaf standards are only tender 2 Leaves and a bud and collected for natural withering within 1 Hour of picking. After natural withering we hand role the leaf to obtain the twist to bring about mixing of desired natural compounds.

Rolled leaf is cool and fermented under ideal conditions and dried at the lowest temperatures to retain Aroma, Flavor and natural compounds . Tea is packed on the same day to offer freshest tea in the market.

No sugar or milk is required to drink Hidden Hills hand made tea . Experienced tea master uses his extensive tea manufacturing experience and knowledge to bring about a unique single estate handmade unblended Pure Ceylon Tea

The tea in this pack could be regarded as truly the best of Ceylon Tea.

Step 1

Our trained pluckers hand-pick undamaged 2 leaves and a bud ensuring fine quality tea.

Step 2

The Leaves are brought for withering within 1 Hour from Picking and naturally withered on tats

Step 3

Withered leaves are delicately hand-rolled, retaining the tea’s unique flavor and aroma.

Step 4

When the rolled leaves have acquired the required color and flavor. It is fired at lowest temperature to retain aroma & flavor.

Step 5

Green Tea

Black Tea

After Cooling the tea is packed immediately to retain freshness.

The Best Tea Quality

Superior tea quality blends meticulous cultivation, perfect harvest, and precise processing.

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