Taking Sri Lanka’s Finest to the Global Stage: Hidden Hills Tea on National Television

On April 9, 2024, we had the honor of participating in a groundbreaking discussion on ‘Connect Sri Lanka,’ aired on National Television. This special program aimed to elevate Sri Lanka’s finest products to the global stage. 🌍

We are immensely proud to announce that our Managing Director, Mr. Chula De Alwis, was a key participant in this significant media mission, representing Hidden Hills Tea. This program aimed to showcase the exceptional quality of Sri Lankan products, and Hidden Hills Tea stands as a testament to our rich heritage and commitment to excellence.

Exploring New Horizons

During this special broadcast, Mr. Chula De Alwis engaged in a strategic dialogue with the Ambassador of Sri Lanka. This conversation delved into new opportunities for promoting high-quality Sri Lankan products on a global scale, highlighting the potential and future of our local treasures.

Celebrating a Milestone

This event marked a significant milestone for Hidden Hills Tea and the broader Sri Lankan tea industry. Mr. De Alwis’s participation underscored our ongoing efforts to bring the unique flavors of Sri Lanka to international markets. His insights and experiences shed light on the strategies needed to navigate and succeed in the global marketplace.

Join Us in Congratulating Mr. De Alwis

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Chula De Alwis for his pivotal role in this mission. His dedication and leadership continue to drive Hidden Hills Tea towards new heights of success. We are confident that his contributions will greatly benefit our industry and enhance the global recognition of Sri Lankan tea.

Watch the Programme

For those who missed the live broadcast, you can watch the full program on our YouTube channel.

Be sure to join us in celebrating this significant achievement and gain a deeper understanding of how Sri Lanka is positioning itself on the world stage with its high-quality products. Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion together!

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