Hidden Hills Sri Lanka: Proud Recipient of the AVPA Certification 2023

We at Hidden Hills are delighted to announce our recent recognition by the prestigious Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) with the Certificate of Membership for the year 2023. This esteemed certification is a testament to our dedication to crafting the highest quality of Ceylon tea.

The AVPA is a distinguished Paris-based organization committed to promoting the finest agricultural products globally. Receiving this certificate highlights our efforts and commitment to excellence in every leaf we cultivate. Our teas, known for their rich aroma and pure taste, have now been distinguished by an international body that acknowledges superior agricultural practices.

This honor not only elevates our brand on the world stage but also reinforces our promise to you – our valued customers – that with every brew of Hidden Hills tea, you’re experiencing a product celebrated for its excellence.

We’re grateful for this recognition and remain committed to maintaining the standards that have earned us this honor. Explore our collection and taste the difference that award-winning tea can make to your day.

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